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Whether you’re looking to design your own hats, uniforms, or bags, look no further. We can do that and more with our in-house embroidery services.


Types of Embroidery


When you want your logo embroidered, we'll get it done right.

3D Puff

Give a raised 3D look to your design with our puff services.

Patch Embroidery

Fill in your background with stitches to create a patch-look.


A more advanced technique that you can order with us.



Learn how pricing works with our embroidery services.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is based off how much stitches your logo has. We also offer price breaks so the more you order, the cheaper it gets.

Stitch Count Estimator:

  1. Text Based: 0-2500 stitches: Designs containing text only.
  2. Logos: 2500-5000 stitches:  Vector artwork that typically has 1-4 colors with limited detail.
  3. Detailed Artwork: 5000-7500 stitches: Artwork that has moderate to complex details.
  4. Backgrounds: 7500-10,000+ stitches: Designs that require the logo to have a patch-like background to it.
What is your turn around time?

Our standard turn around time is 10 business days (2 weeks). However, we'll always work to meet your due date. We offer rush services in as little as 3 days though rush services will apply.

Projects that require multiple designs, finishing services, and complex details should factor in extra time in your order to caution on the side of safety. 

Can I supply my own items?

Yes, you can supply your own items. 

You should know that we buy in huge bulk quantities and if we could save you money by ordering it for you, please e-mail us at 

Standard Embroidery Locations

Standard Thread Colors

Sewing Labels



Everything you need to know about our embroidery services can be found here.

Discover your options



Have your garments embroidered in multiple locations for a unique look.

Unique Placements

We have perfected embroidery over the arch of hats.

Glow In The Dark

A fun, unique way to add some light and excitement to your merchandise.

Metallic Threads

Bring a touch of flare with our metallic threads


How It Works


Step 1

Send us your design

We accept any file type that is high quality including jpgs, pngs, psd, ai, eps, pdf, and more.



Step 2

We'll convert your design into stitches.

This process of converting your file into stitches is called digitizing. We then send it for your review at the artwork approval stage.


Step 3

We're ready to start
your embroidery

After this point, all you have to do is approve your sample before we start your production.

How many colors can my design have?

Technically, we can have up to 15 colors per logo although this may incur additional charges. Most designs contain anywhere from 3-5 colors!

Can I mix n' match items?

Yes! You can mix n match items with in your order. Variances in artwork size and fabrics may incur additional charges since digitized files must be prepared differently. 

How do I know your quality is good?

We take multiple steps before we produce your garments. We start off by reviewing the artwork and lending our professional opinion on it. After artwork is taken into consideration, we send it for digitizing where we review the logo at the artwork approval stage. After approval on the digital file, we produce a physical sample to ensure satisfaction before we move forward with your embroidery. This ensures you satisfied with our quality because it requires your approval before we can move forward!

Do we offer puff embroidery?

Yes! We have spent over 10 years perfecting puff embroidery on garments & hats. 

How large can you embroider?

To understand our max dimensions, please refer to our 'standard embroidery locations' listed above to artwork dimensions for various products. 


Frequent Questions

Learn more about this and our other guidelines here.