How It Works

Our Simple Step Process

Step One

Step 1

Inquiry and Consultation

 Customers start by filling out an inquiry form on your website, providing basic details about their project, including the type of garments they're interested in, the quantity, and any design ideas they have.

A customer service representative reviews the submission and contacts the customer for a consultation. This can be done over the phone, via email, or through a video call to discuss their needs in more detail, offer professional advice, and answer any questions.

Step Two

Step 2

Design Submission & Approval

Customer Action: Customers are asked to submit their artwork or design ideas. If they don't have a design ready, they can work with your in-house design team to create one.

Your Action: Once the design is submitted or created, you provide a digital mock-up of the final product for approval. This step ensures that the customer is happy with the design and its placement on the garment.

Step Three

Step 3

Quote & Payment

Your Action: Based on the specifics of the project (e.g., the complexity of the design, the type of garments selected, and the quantity), you provide a detailed quotation covering all costs

Customer Action: The customer reviews the quote and, if agreeable, proceeds to make payment according to your specified terms (e.g., full payment upfront, deposit with balance on delivery).