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Screen Printing Using Puff Ink

Puff Screen Printing

Wholesale Puff Screen Printing Services in Los Angeles

3D Effect

What is Puff Ink & How Does It Work?

Puff ink isn't your typical ink; rather, it's an additive blended with plastisol ink prior to the printing process. Once heated to approximately 320 degrees Fahrenheit, the initially flat print undergoes a fascinating transformation, puffing up to create a 3D embossed texture that elevates from the fabric's surface. This technique gives a distinctive raised finish.

Puff can be incorporated into select portions of the design, particular colors, or across the entire printed area. If you have precise instructions or preferences concerning a puff print, we encourage you to reach out to one of our account representatives to guide you through the process.

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Comparing Puff Print T-Shirts to High Density T-Shirts: Which is Better?

While both utilize plastisol ink for screen printing, the main difference lies in their execution: puff ink integrates a heat-reactive additive to achieve its unique texture, while high density printing involves the printer layering ink multiple layers of ink in a row, flash drying each layer in between. Determining which method is better is challenging due to their inherent differences. Puff additive screen printing is commonly associated with streetwear fashion. On the other hand, high density printing exudes a more sophisticated vibe, often preferred by companies seeking minimalist designs.

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The Advantages & Limitations of Puff Print Ink

Puff Print Screen Printing has been a popular trend with streetwear brands. Of course, theres more to consider then popularity when producing custom merch. To help you navigate this decisions we have come up with a guide to answer basic questions that might come up when deciding if custom puff print is right for you.

Benefits of Puff Print Ink

Puff print stands out as one of the most distinctive and adaptable techniques within the realm of screen printing. For those aiming to add a bit of pop, puff screen printing proves to be an excellent choice. Before adding custom puff print to your order, consider the following:

  • Puff print screen printing provides a straightforward method to elevate the perceived value of your custom merchandise. While the technique itself is relatively straightforward, its visual complexity can deceive the untrained eye.
  • Incorporating various techniques is an effective strategy to distinguish your merchandise. Utilizing 3D puff ink selectively, such as on letter borders, specific colors or layers of a particular graphic, and incorporating tonal puff screen printing are all ways to add visual depth to the garment.

Limitations of Puff Print Ink

As impressive as puff print screen printing may be, it may not be suitable for all projects. Prior to embarking on your puff print ink venture, consider the following factors:

  • Puff print additive can slightly alter the color, resulting in a 3-5% variance in tone. For projects requiring precise color matching, water-based ink screen printing may be a preferable option.
  • Puff ink tends to lose sharpness as it rises, causing edges to become less defined. For this particular reason, we do not suggest puff for half tone screen printing.
  • Improper curing of puff additive screen printing can lead to cracking. Therefore, it is crucial to select a shop with experience.
  • Puff print has specific limitations in terms of height, with the ink rising between 1mm and 8mm.
Our Opinion

What Products are Best for Puff Ink Screen Printing?

When considering 3D puff screen printing for garments, you almost can’t go wrong. Puff printing is very versatile and can print on nearly all products and fabrics beside nylon. In our view, heavier t-shirt weights tend to enhance the puff effect, though the ultimate outcome relies on the desired style. While custom puff screen printing may not suit every project, if you looking to add pop to your merchandise, it's definitely worth exploring.

Tips for Placing an Order for Puff Screen Print

Over the past year, there has been a significant uptick in the popularity of custom 3D puff merchandise. However, popularity alone doesn't guarantee suitability for your needs. Before placing an order, it's best to review your designs with your dedicated account rep.

What are your merch objectives? When considering custom puff screen print garments, the primary consideration should be the intended use of your merchandise. While 3D puff ink adds an extra pop on custom t-shirts and hoodies, it can also be added onto tote bags and other products.

Once you've selected a garment, the next step is to prepare your artwork. Custom puff screen printing works best with bold and straightforward designs. While traditionally associated with lettering, don't hesitate to experiment with different shapes, colors, and more.

Planning ahead is always best in custom merch production. If you require expedited service, we recommend contacting an account representative to get started and help guide you through the process.

  • Bold and straight forward designs are ideal
  • Looks great when isolated parts of the design are raised as opposed to the entire design
  • Works best on 100% cotton
  • Plan ahead for smoother production
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Puff Printing in Tonal Style: Exploring Our Top Screen Print Techniques

Using puff printing in a tonal style through the screen printing process provides a subtle yet impactful way to enhance your design. We carefully create a custom ink color that is similar the garment color, and we mix in a puff additive to give a raised 3D effect. This method is a great way to print your design for your brand. Certain clients have opted for a slightly darker or lighter shade than the fabric to emphasize more contrast.

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Examples of 3D Puff Screen Printing

Puff Screen Printing


If there is anything we missed, please e-mail us at info@garmentdecor.com

Can Puff Printing be Applied to Different Materials?

We can utilize puff inks for screen printing on various items, including hoodies, t-shirts, sweaters, and a wide array of fabrics such as fleece, denim, cotton, polyester, spandex, and more.

What Color Options are Available for Puff Printing?

We have the capability to custom match any PMS (Pantone Matching System) color for puff printing. This means that no color is off-limits.

Are there any Challenges with Puff Printing?

Colors may experience a 5-10% dilution from their original hue and may lose vibrancy as the ink expands. For a closer match to the original PMS color, we recommend requesting minimal raise or sample approval beforehand.

How should Puff Printed Garments be Washed?

To prolong the lifespan of your custom merchandise, we advise washing items inside out, including those with puff printing. Additionally, follow the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer for puff printed t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel.

What Level of Detail can Puff Prints Achieve?

Puff screen printing can achieve approximately 80-85% of the detail achievable with traditional non-puff screen printing. The expansion of puff inks both upwards and outwards softens sharp edges, resulting in a "raised pillow effect."

Are Samples of 3D Puff Raised Printing Available Prior to Production?

Yes, we offer samples before proceeding with a full production run. We highly recommend ordering samples, as the raised puff effect may slightly alter your design.

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