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Custom Apparel Add-ons

Custom Retail Finishing Services

Comprehensive Finishing Solutions for Embroidery and Screen Printed Apparel

Custom Options to Upgrade Your Apparel

Retail Finishing Services for Screen Printing and Embroidery

At Garment Decor, we specialize in providing exceptional retail finishing services tailored to enhance and complete your screen printing and embroidery projects. Our premium offerings are designed to give your garments a professional and market-ready appearance, distinguishing your brand in the competitive retail landscape.

Customization Options to Enhance Your Apparel

Exploring the Variety of Finishing Services Available

Expert Folding and Bagging for Pristine Presentation

Folding and Bagging

Our meticulous folding and bagging services ensure each item is presented in pristine condition, perfect for direct retail display or customer shipment. This service not only protects your garments during transportation but also elevates the customer's unboxing experience.

Custom Printed Neck Labels for Brand Recognition

Custom Printed Neck Labels

Step up your branding with custom printed neck labels. By replacing generic tags with your unique brand logo or message, these labels serve as a constant reminder of your brand's identity to your customers.

Durable Woven Labels for a Premium Feel​

Woven Labels

Add a touch of luxury and durability with our high-quality woven labels. Available in various folds and styles, these labels are an ideal choice for brands aiming to enhance their perceived value and appeal through superior craftsmanship.

Custom Hang Tags to Enhance Product Information and Brand Awareness

Hang Tags

Beyond labels, we offer additional detailing services to fully customize your products. This includes precise sizing stickers for easy identification, and hang tag application that tell your brand's story. Please note, this service merely includes the application of the hang tag and we require that you supply us the actual hang tag.

Streamlined Barcode Solutions for Effective Inventory and Sales Management

Barcodes/SKU Stickers

Enhance your logistical efficiency with our barcode and SKU fulfillment sticker application. These tools are crucial for managing inventory and streamlining the checkout process, making them perfect for retailers looking to optimize their operations. We offer the application of these stickers onto your apparel. Please note, you would need to supply us the actual stickers.

A Comparison Chart

Comparing Custom Printed Neck Labels and Woven Labels: Key Differences Explained​

This guide explains the key differences between custom printed neck labels and woven labels, helping you decide which is best for your apparel. Custom printed neck labels are a cost-effective choice, directly printed onto the fabric, suitable for clothing brands. Woven labels provide a more premium finish, ideal for higher end brands. Compare the differences below.


Custom Printed Neck Labels

Woven Labels


Directly printed onto the fabric.

Made from durable threads, sewn into the fabric.


More affordable, with no need for separate manufacturing and sewing costs.

Higher initial costs due to the need for creating the labels and then sewing them on.

Minimum Order Quantity

Lower minimums, more flexible for smaller batches.

Higher minimums, usually starting at 300 units.

Turnaround Time

Quicker production as they are offered in-house and do not require additional sewing.

Longer turnaround time as it includes both manufacturing the labels and sewing them into garments.


Can be customized for each order, allowing for frequent updates or changes.

Once designed and produced, modifications require a new batch, reducing flexibility.

Production Process

Printed directly in-house at our warehouse, streamlining the process.

Requires two stages: label production and then sewing, involving more logistics and coordination.

Visual Appeal

Simple and less textured, integrates smoothly with the garment.

Offers a premium, textured look that can enhance brand perception.

Our Opinion

Why Choose Custom Printed Neck Labels

Custom printed neck labels are ideal for many projects due to their quick branding process, lower minimum order quantities, and direct printing on fabric. This method is typically more cost-effective because it eliminates the need for separate label production and sewing, thereby saving time and reducing costs.

Discover the Range of Woven Label Designs to Enhance Your Apparel Branding

Explore the Various Styles of Woven Labels

Join us in learning about the world of woven labels in this informative video. Learn about the different types and styles of woven labels that can elevate the branding of your apparel line. From satin to damask and everything in between, this video will guide you through the textures, materials, and manufacturing techniques that make each type unique. Whether you're a fashion startup or an established brand looking to enhance your products, this video offers valuable insights into choosing the right woven label for your garments.

Choosing the Type of Woven Label Cut

Woven Label Cuts: Explained

  1. Center Fold Labels:

    Center fold labels are folded in the middle and usually sewn into onto a garment from the top. This type of label is especially popular because it can be used on the neck, and the bottom or sleeve of the t shirt giving a dual-purpose to the label.

  2. Straight Cut Labels:

    Straight cut labels have no fold and are typically sewn on all four sides, or just the left & right, depending on the design. They lay flat against the fabric, making them less bulky and very versatile.
  3. End Fold Labels:

    These labels have small folds on either end, which are sewn into the garment. The end folds prevent fraying and provide a clean, finished look without the bulkiness of fully folded labels.
  4. Mitre Fold Labels:

    • Mitre fold labels are folded at the ends and the bottom, forming a tab that extends out from the seam. 
  5. Manhattan Fold:

     A variation of the center fold, the top of the Manhattan fold label is also folded down, creating a three-dimensional effect that adds a touch of luxury.
Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Finishing

If you have any other thoughts or questions or haven’t found what you are looking for, feel free to connect with a rep.

What are custom finishing services?

Custom finishing services refer to various post-production processes applied to garments to enhance their appearance, functionality, or marketability. These include folding and bagging, adding custom labels, applying sizing stickers, and attaching hang tags.

Why should I consider custom neck labels for my clothing line?

Custom neck labels provide a unique branding opportunity, allowing you to display your logo or brand name directly on the garment. They replace generic manufacturer tags, giving your products a more personalized and professional look.

Can custom finishing services help with inventory management?

Yes, services like barcode and SKU fulfillment are integral for efficient inventory management. They help streamline the tracking, selling, and restocking of products, ensuring quick and accurate processing of sales and inventory data.

How does the folding and bagging process work?

Our folding and bagging service involves neatly folding each garment, followed by securely placing it in a clear poly bag. This not only protects the garment during shipping and storage but also presents it in a retail-ready format that enhances the unboxing experience.

How long does it typically take to complete a custom finishing order?

The turnaround time for custom finishing services can vary based on the specifics of the order and current workload. Typically, orders are completed within 1-2 weeks after your quote is approved

What are the minimum order requirements for custom finishing services?

Minimum order requirements vary by service. Generally, there is a minimum order quantity that needs to be met, which we can discuss based on your specific needs and the services you are interested in.

How do custom printed neck labels differ from woven labels?

Custom printed neck labels are directly printed onto the fabric of the garment, offering a cost-effective and less textured feel, ideal for t-shirts and casual wear. Woven labels, on the other hand, are sewn into the garment and offer a premium, durable finish that is suitable for high-end apparel.

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