Digital Squeegee Screen Print
Digital Squeegee Screen Print

Digital Squeegee Screen Printing for "No Goods"


Project Showcase

Product1801GD Los Angeles Apparel
DecorationDigital Squeegee
Materials100% Cotton
Design NameNo Goods

Introducing Digital Squeegee Screen Printing – A New Way to Print Your T-Shirts!

Are you looking for a way to print your t-shirts that is both innovative and cost-effective? Look no further than digital squeegee screen printing!

This method of printing t-shirts is an exciting new way to get your designs printed quickly and accurately. It’s fast, easy, and can help you save money on your next t-shirt order. Let’s take a look at how it works.

How Does Digital Squeegee Screen Printing Work?

Digital squeegee screen printing offers several benefits over traditional printing methods. First, it enables you to print large runs of t-shirts with ease and precision. The process uses a digital inkjet printer to apply the design onto a special mesh screen that has been treated with emulsion.

The mesh screen is then exposed to light which causes the emulsion to harden and become permanent once the design has been transferred. This allows for precise and repeatable prints every time.

Easier to Set up

Also, another advantage of digital squeegee screen printing is that it is much less labor-intensive than other methods of printing t-shirts. With traditional screen printing, each color requires its own separate screen. That means more setup time and more materials being used.

With digital squeegee printing, however, all colors are printed on one single screen. Setup time is much faster and fewer resources are needed in order to produce a quality product.


Finally, digital squeegee printing also offers cost savings compared to other methods of printing t-shirts. Because there are fewer materials used in the process (i.e., one single mesh screen instead of multiple screens for each color) and less labor required, the overall cost of production can be significantly lower than with other techniques such as plastisol transfers or direct-to garment printers.

Check out what Garment Decor printed for “No Goods”. As shown on the picture, the text on the design is good for traditional screen print but it waaaay better when they added the hologram effect character. If you are looking for more fonts for free, watch Devyn and Adryan’s short video to help you!

Indeed, digital squeegee screen printing offers many advantages over traditional methods of t-shirt printing—from faster turnaround times to lower costs per unit. Moreover, it could be just what your business needs in order to make its next big project successful!

If you’re looking for an innovative way to print your custom designs onto t-shirts without breaking the bank, why not give digital squeegee a try? You won’t be disappointed!