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Screen Printing Puff

There’s a reason why thousands of brands use Garment Decor for their puff screen printing needs and it’s because we know quality. This technique is also known as 3D ink, 3D puff, puff ink, and raised printing. While the terminology differs the technique is the same. 

We use our high quality inks, but add a “puff” additive. When the garments go through our dryers then the inks rise and the process is complete.

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Screen Printing Puff Portfolio

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3D screen puff print

Pro Tip

The outside text is in puff ink and the interior is regular flat. You can combine both techniques within the same artwork.
This photo shows our operator on the embroidery machine to display what a Garment Decor screen printing and embroidery career may appear like
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Need help? Our reps can help you with creating mock-ups, providing quotes, and recommending the best garments for this puff technique.

3D Printing Puff


If there is anything we missed, please e-mail us at info@garmentdecor.com or call (855) 942-7636.


50 items per design

How does pricing work?

Pricing is simple and easy to understand. We charge a flat rate regardless of the size of the design.

Pricing does depend heavily on quantity though, so please use our quick quote tool to learn more.

What is your turn around time?

Our standard turn around time is 10 business days (2 weeks). However, we'll always work to meet your due date. We offer rush services in as little as 3 days though rush charges will apply.

Projects that require multiple designs, finishing services, and complex details should factor in extra time in your order to caution on the side of safety. 

Can I supply my own garments?

Absolutely, but keep in mind that garments at least 6oz thick work best with 3d puff screen printing ink.

You should know that we buy in huge bulk quantities and if we could save you money by ordering it for you, please e-mail us at info@garmentdecor.com. Check out our online catalog by clicking here.

Which artwork works best with puff?

Puff screen printing works best with designs that contain thinner and smaller surface areas. If too much coverage is required then the puff ink is "spread too thin" and won't puff the best.

In other words, keep the areas you'd like to puff more compact than large. Check out the projects above for inspiration.

Which ink colors can I puff?

You can puff any color. Choose from our standard ink colors or let us know the Pantone number of your favorite color. 

We can puff more than one color if needed, but suggest doing just one color per location. 

Screen Printing Experts

Screen printing is our bread and butter. From puff to simulated process printing, we can do it all. Best of all, we are a handful of shops in the nation that offers digital screen printing which is screen printing and digital printing in one.

This is the most affordable full-color screen printing method in the industry, guaranteed.