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Garment Decor solves the industry’s most common problems customers face with other print shops. 

Customers love the fact that our quotes include:

  • Detailed mockups
  • Easy to understand pricing
  • Clearly stated turnaround times
  • An advanced customer account portal
  • 24/7 order tracking

It’s no secret that a common problem in our industry is the lack of attention to detail. We know this as a fact, because it’s often what first time customers tell us about their current print shop. 

This is why we have spent thousands of hours developing our propriety software to allow you to have a stress-free ordering experience. Best of all, we also offer the best customer service experience via email (info@garmentdecor.com) and phone (855) 942-7636. 

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Customer's reviews

"I was blown away when Garment Decor sent me a link to view my quote via text. Once I reviewed it, I just hit the approve button and logged in everyday to see the status of production. No other shop compares!"
This is a photo of Garment Decor's customer Matthew Jordan
Matthew Jordan
"I manage a clothing brand that releases 10 new designs every season. Staying organized with all of it has been a nightmare for years... Until I found Garment Decor who truly are the best and extremely tech savvy!"
This is a photo of Garment Decor's customer Frank Kim
Frank Kim
"My promo company has 8 sales reps who each submit orders. I love the fact that each one of them has their own login to stay organized when submitting PO's. Garment Decor is the backbone of our apparel business."
This is a photo of Garment Decor's customer Brittney Norris
Brittney Norris
What are our steps?

Our goal is to provide the most accurate wholesale screen printing and embroidery quotes. In order to do this we have to start with asking the right questions. Our sales team has decades of experience working with small clothing brands to major clothing retailers, so they’ll be sure to ask questions best suited for you as well. 

You’ll feel the Garment Decor difference the moment we begin getting to know your project. Just check out our Yelp and Google reviews and you’ll learn that we truly care about every single project we work on. No two custom apparel projects are ever the same, so getting to know each one personally is what we are all about. 

Once we’ve finalized your quote we’ll email it. Or, if you prefer a text, we can do that too! This link will take you to your new account portal in which you can view all the necessary details from pricing to mockups and production notes. 

If you see something you don’t like then simply leave a comment and our sales team will be notified. 

There are tons of factors that go into creating a custom wholesale screen printing & embroidery quote. As a result, sometimes we don’t hit the target budget which is why we always are open to hearing feedback!

If pricing isn’t what you had in mind or the garment(s) we suggested just don’t interest you then please feel free to let us know. Keep in mind that sometimes a revision is needed and that we are all ears to make it happen. 

We ask for you to thoroughly review your quote, because once you hit that green “Approve Quote” button then our production teams get to work! 

Feel free to regularly check back into your account to view when the garments have arrived, where in the production department the currently stands, the estimated ship date, and so much more.

All Quotes Include

A Free Account

Access your orders on any mobile device or desktop computer simply with a link. Best of all, share this link with co-workers so everybody is up to date

24/7 Updates

Simply login to your account to view the status of your orders. Learn to see if we've received the garments, if artwork has been approved, and so much more.

Organized Views

If you have to manage multiple orders then using our portal is a dream come true. Easily stay up to date with when your orders will ship and so much more.

Your Free Account


Our proprietary software is built alongside DecoNetwork and we guarantee it's the most advanced system in the industry. We have created custom products, worksheets, artwork approvals, and much more since we know exactly what you need and how you need it. Best of all, you can stay up to date on your phone since it's mobile friendly. Work on the go with Garment Decor.


Keep track of all your PO's on one platform

quick adjustments

Leave comments and we'll correct


We'll track your orders, so you don't have to


Pay online with Paypal or any credit/debit

Ready to start a quote?

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Helpful Tips

We will do our part in ensuring we ask the necessary questions to deliver the most accurate wholesale screen printing and embroidery quotes. However, we also ask if you can invest time in describing what a successful project looks like to you. This way we can both speak the same language and be on the same page to ensure a successful partnership for your the current project and all others in the future.

Research Brands

Click here to browse the brands we carry and get to know each of their unique styles.

Understand Fabrics

Some people prefer cotton while others prefer blends. Get to know what's best for you.

Learn Techniques

We offer screen printing and embroidery services. But, each have their pros and cons.

Confirm Artwork

Let us know the dimensions of your artwork along with which colors we should use to print it in.

Create Mockups

We provide free mockups, but it's always helpful if you create a few yourself to finalize your thoughts.

Update Us

Feel free to update us on the progression of your project so we can be with you every step of the way.


Feel free to call or email us with further questions

Great question! Here are helpful tips:

  • Do you have a preferred garment brand, style, or color?
  • What is the target price per garment or overall budget for your project?
  • Are there any important notes we need to follow during production?
  • Your billing/shipping information, email address, phone number, and first / last name
  • Send us your artwork (preferably vector or 300 DPI)
  • Mockups you may have (optional)
  • Artwork specifications such as preferred dimensions and PMS (Pantone code)
  • If you have an ideal due date? (our standard turn around is 10 business days, but we do offer rush service)

The more detailed you are then the more detailed our quotes can be. It’s also super helpful if you let us know any concerns you have, so that we can translate these notes to our production team.

It’s easy! Simply request a quote from us and when we put together our formal quote it will include a username and password. After you login, feel free to change your password and update your billing, shipping, and contact information. 

We would still love to hear from you! Feel free to give us a call at (855) 942-7636 or email info@garmentdecor.com if this works best. 

When it comes to editing mockups, garment styles, job names, turn arounds, etc. that can only be done by our customer service teams. 

In the event you’d like a change, simply use the “comment” button and leave your message. Our customer service team will make the edits within 24-48 hours. 

If your order is a rush then please give us a call or send an email as well just to ensure the change is done as soon as possible.


Feel free to let us know if you are part of an organization so we can create a company account with multiple logins.


Re-ordering is super easy. Simply click into the order and you’ll see a button called “re-order”. 

Follow the prompts and you’ll be finished in no time. 

Every single detail about your order are viewable. This includes:

  • Turn around time
  • Production status
  • Artwork approval
  • Pricing
  • Billing/shipping information
  • PO / Job Name
  • Production Notes
  • + so much more!